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2. YOUR RESPONSE?             "I just can't believe!" (more info.)

3. YOUR RESPONSE?             "I don't want to believe!" (more info.)

4. YOUR RESPONSE?             "I don't know what to believe!" (more info.)

5. YOUR RESPONSE?             "I do believe! Isn't that enough?"  (more info.)

6. YOUR RESPONSE?             "I don't want to believe what they believe!" (more info.)






























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IF YOU HAVE made a genuine decision to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord and have prayed this prayer...

"Jesus, I confess I am a sinner.   Please forgive me.  I accept you into my heart as my Creator, Savior and Lord of my life.  Please help me serve you and fulfill my purpose.  I pray this in Your Name, Amen."

And, IF YOU HAVE meant it deeply in your heart, then we assume that you would desire to...

  1. Grow into a closer relationship with God, our Creator, Savior, and Lord Jesus Christ, and

  2. Tell others about this good news so they may become redeemed and restored, as well.

PLEASE KNOW THIS: Once you have made this once-in-a-life decision for Christ, much will immediately (or soon) come against your decision and try to pull you away from God and His great purpose and plan!

We can give you some effective Biblical recommendations to fulfill your new commitment and help keep you growing strong in your new faith:

1. KNOW your Purpose:  

    To Glorify God in your life by Knowing Him (growing relationship) and Making Him Known (so others may know Him, as well).

2. READ and STUDY Your Bible:

THIS is your primary method of getting to know God, His Nature, His promises, His Plan, His reliable guidelines, and His will for you in your life on earth.

DO IT every day.  Best early in the morning.  First things first!  Getting God's Word on the new day!

DO IT a little at a time.  Start with the beginning of both Old and New Testaments together, sprinkled with some Psalms and Proverbs - every day!

3. PRAY Every Morning & Before Bible Reading & Study:

THIS is your primary method for surrendering your heart before Almightly God, sharing with Him what is on your heart, thanking Him for your salvation and your life, praying for others, asking Him for guidance, asking Him to supply your needs.

At first, you need only spend a few minutes.   Here is a guide to help you get started in daily prayer with our Lord.

You may use this plan for prayer (~7 min.):  

>>> 'A C T S' <<<

A = Adoration: Tell God, Jesus Christ, how much you praise Him and love Him. Magnify His name.  (~1 min.)

C = Confession:  Confess all your sin openly to him daily.  Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind any sin or iniquity which may prevent a close relationship with Him so that your heart and communication will be open and clear with Him. (~1 min.)

T = Thanksgiving:  Thank Him daily for His forgiveness, for your Salvation, His grace and mercy, His provision and guidance, and the great opportunity to serve Him as Lord of your life.  (~1min.)

S = Supplication:  FIRST Pray for others (Government Leaders, Our Country, Christian Leaders and Church, Your church, Missionaries, Your Acquaintances, Friends and Associates, and Your Family), that He will bring non-believers into His kingdom and bring Christians closer into His will (intercession).   THEN LASTLY pray for yourself, that God will bring you closer into obedience with Him so that He may better fulfill His great 'life-giving' and 'life-saving' purpose through you. (~4 min.)

4.  ATTEND a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching  local church near you.

Learn what the Bible says about doing this.   Join other Believers in Christian Fellowship, in Worshipping the Lord, in Learning from the Word, in Serving the Church, in being Discipled and in Learning how to Present the Gospel and to Disciple others.  As you grow in God and His Word you will begin to shine more brightly as a compelling Lighthouse of Truth, the Truth of the Infinite, Personal, and Loving God, His Word, and His Good News - the Life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Finding a good Local Church

To Glorify God
by Knowing Him and Making Him Known!


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Finding a good Local Church in your area


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God's great purpose and plan!


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